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You are shopping at World's Largest Crypto-only Shopping Store! Yes, we literally mean it. Because every other store you can find offers far less products selection then the PEPShip. WE compared it with almost all existing Crypto-Shops, but none of them found to be anywhere near to PEPShip store. Not just Number one, but it is Safest, Friendliest, Fastest and Trustest store you can find out on the internet! So just relax, ride the Ship and Make your dream purchase with Cryptocurrency.

Placing an order here is super easy. Just browse our categories, or just search what you want to buy. Click on the photo of the product and just buy it. You can make payment in your favorite cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tron and PEPS. (Psst.., if you pay in PEPS, you get an amazing cashback of flat 5% as PEPSBack!).

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Discord is the fastest and easiest method to get support. If you use discord, just join PEPS Server and reach to "Shop Support" channel. You can post your issue there. Not just the PEPS team, also huge community can help you get resolved very soon.

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Telegram is the best choice for many countries. If you are comfortable with Telegram, join our Official or regional group and find support from one of our admins. There are plenty of regional Telegram channels, just check list at our Website.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PEPShip Store
The process of shipment is pretty simple. Once you place your order, it goes directly to the seller. The seller then accepts your order and put it on his to-do list for packing. Once the order is packed, it is sent to the shipment company for transit. Since the shipment company changes frequently, we cannot tell you which shipment service will be carrying your parcel. Once shipment is in transit, you can track it on their website with their tracking number. You will receive both by email once your order is shipped. The whole process could take from 1 to 6 weeks depending your location and service speed of your local postal service.
PEPShip Shipping Map
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PEPShip uses DropShip logistics system. The price of any product is decided by the seller (usually the manufacturer or the wholeseller). Since they are large scale distributors so they handle shipping themselve. This makes the product cost low and shipping free as it is coming directly from the manufacturer or distributor.
PEPShip Free Shipping
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PEPS Coin is available to buy at various crypto currency exchanges. You can use any of them and buy PEPS with fiat currency or Bitcoin. For a complete list of exchanges, please check PEPS website at

Try these exchanges to buy PEPS coins:

Crex24 BTC Exchange

Graviex BTC Exchange

Graviex DOGE Exchange

Nanu BRL Exchange

There are plenty of ways to contact us. This help page itself provides anweres to a lot of general questions like when can you receive your order and why it cannot be cancelled. You can still email us, or use the Contact Us page on this page. For faster support, you can reach one of our team member at PEPS Discord or Telegram. We are online most of the times. So come on, lets talk!
PEPShip uses the DropShip system to get your products delivered. Once the order has been made, it goes directly to the seller. Usually the seller is either the manufacturer or the whole-seller. They immediately process the order and sends to the next pit-stop. Once the order has been sent, it becomes impossible to cancel it. However it is not impossible literally, but involves a lot of cost so it is not a good idea to get it cancelled. Now be advised that once the order is made, it cannot be stopped!
Your phone number may be required by the delivery guy who will visit your door to drop your order. When he reaches you, he may need to call you for any direction or calling you if you are not at home. A phone number is needed to ensure a confirmed delivery.
There are several possible reasons. Seller can cancel order and refund full amount in some rare situations. some of them may be:
a. Product gets out of stock or discontinued.
b. Seller could not find a method to ship to your address.
c. The crypto currency of payment does not have enough liquidity at exchanges to match your order cost.
d. The currency you used to make payment is no longer supported or has been delisted by exchanges.
e. Any other unpredictable issue, either related to product or your address or the currency used for payment.
f. Please contact us by submitting support ticket to find out exact reason of your order cancellation.

Understanding PEPS Crypto Currency

Project PEPS started back in 2017 as Project PepeGold. It rapidly became popular due to powerful features as anonymous transactions, fast confirmations and ease of use. in year 2018, PEPS Masternodes were introduced. The name was then shorten to PEPS from PepeGold so that the Coin Name and Coin Ticker matches. The newly renamed PEPS became even more popular and adopted at large scale.
Ultra Fast Transaction

Blockchain based transactions are approved at a blink of an eye. Payment is approved insantly.

With the power of Bitcoin

Limited supply, frequent reward halving, widely adoption and high end features gives more Power!

Unbeatable Security

All transactions are processed on encrypted blockchain, this makes your funds 100% safe at PEPS.

Loved by eCommerce

PEPS is trusted by a number of eCommerce stores worldwide, for online eCommerce and offline stores.

PEPS coins
Add Your Coin
List Your Coin at PEPShip Store. Make it an accepted currency so that your users can make purchases with your own coin. This will bring a big use-case to your project and your users can find some way to spend the coins instead of just trading them.